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The Maxthon MxNitro Browser is the latest member of Maxthon Professional Professional Browsers. If you are one of the millions of web browsers that suffers from confusion with complex issues such as ads, side services, this browser is built for you. The Maxthon MxNitro browser is based on the best start-up efficiency, page speed, and amazing results. Maxthon MxNitro runs 3 times faster on startup and loading than Windows browsers. Maxthon MxNitro is made for consumers who demand a high-performance program, simple design, low memory, and responsiveness for all CPUs.

The progress and development that took place in March 2014 brought a leap forward in the prompt and effective implementation of Nitro, by reducing the volume of inputs, such as loading ui / ux and communicating with program resources, and preventing things that slow down and Delay in starting and representing pages is possible. The Max Nitro browser speeds up work on any computer, either new or old.

Features and Benefits Maxthon MxNitro includes:

  • Install and run 3 times faster than other browsers, such as Chrome loading pages up to 30% faster than Chrome.
  • Speed ​​up network search speeds on all windows and computers built before 2014
  • Creating exploratory and accurate look to make it easy for users who use it for the first time (soft98)
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Publisher web
SubcategoryWeb Browsers
Operating Systems
Operating SystemsWindows
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