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MATLAB MathWorks Inc. is one of the most powerful numerical computing and graphing software that has been widely used by students, engineers and researchers of a variety of disciplines, and is not limited to mathematical calculations, but with advanced, relatively easy coding, engineering calculations.

Also, the first version of this software was presented at the University of New Mexico and Stanford in 1970 to solve matrix theory problems, linear algebra and numerical analysis, and nowadays hundreds of thousands of academic, academic, industrial users, etc., in various engineering fields such as advanced mathematics, Linear Algebra , telecommunication systems that they use. Mathematics is the common language of many engineering sciences. Matrices, differential equations, numeric data strings, graphs and graphs are the main tools used in mathematics as well as in this software.

This software is applicable to almost all engineering disciplines; using mathematics can be useful in any discipline that requires mathematical computing, curve drawing, model simulation, numerical analysis, and mathematical simulation. Engineering issues are usually computed using the C programming language and Fortran, and MATLAB can be more easily and quickly resolved. This software has a different toolbox for students and engineers of each discipline to use a boxed tool appropriate to their issue. You can simply write your own programs and code using code and file, and if there are too many, create a fake tool by assigning a sub-directory to each one.

Key Features of MathWorks MATLAB:

  • Integrated function for numerical integration
  • Optimized for basic math and intermediate functions
  • Parse and simplify compiled programs
  • Solving Matrix Theory Problems, Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
  • Simulation of various physical and engineering phenomena
  • HDL and FPGA programming
  • Easier and easier programming than C and Fortran
  • Various engineering tools boxes
  • Support for standards and radio and telecommunication models
  • Supports USRP Radio
  • Build the code from the system-defined objects
  • Auto-create dynamic libraries
  • simulation of EDA
  • Ability to permanently identify transfer functions
  • User interface optimized for embedding
  • Feasibility and tracking by line and by line
  • Solve nonlinear regression problems
  • Supports graphics card for Turbo Decoder
  • Support for LDPC
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows (p30download)
General Specifications
PublisherThe MathWorks
Publisher web site
VersionR2018b x64 + R2015b x86
CategoryEducational Software
SubcategoryMath Software
Operating Systems
Operating SystemsWindows
Additional RequirementsNone
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License ModelFree

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